Fall 2014

November 6: School visit at Garfield Elementary School, Washington, DC

Guests of Turning the Page

November 7: School visit at Green Acres School, Rockville, Maryland

Spring 2014

April 12: Bank Street College of Education, New York City

Writers Lab Mini Conference: Play and Imagination

(Presenting How Many Jelly Beans)

Spring 2013

May 23: Bank Street College of Education, New York City

9:00 to 11:00 a.m., Cook Prize Event and Book Signing

Pictures below!

School Visits

I love to visit elementary schools to read How Many Jelly Beans?. Illustrator Yancey Labat and I usually visit together. We have two different programs available, one for early elementary and one for upper elementary, or we can do a hybrid version for a whole-school assembly. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Teachers: We also have printable activity sheets for How Many Jelly Beans? available here (or email us). If there is anything we can do to support your use of Jelly Beans in the classroom, please write!