The "That's Not My" Franchise

That's not my monster...
by Fiona Watt, illustrated by Rachel Wells

This is the first touch-and-feel book my baby would actually touch. (We also frequently read Pat the Bunny, but she still is very hesitant about touching that bunny!)

Each spread shows a monster that is not "mine" because it has, for example, horns that are too rough. Then, at the end, we find "my" monster!

My daughter loves those ears!

As evidenced by the entire shelf of "That's not my" iterations at my local Barnes and Noble, including "That's not my tractor" (!), the publisher, Usborne, is doing quite well with these.

I have browsed them all, and we also own That' s not my dolly...

But this one is my favorite, because those monsters are just so cute. My husband feels the same way. And I think Eliza does too! (She kissed one of the monsters tonight -- either that or she was just tasting him.)