Parrots Squawk . . . But I Talk!

Mice Squeak, We Speak by Tomie dePaola

Do you remember Strega Nona? This is by the same author/illustrator. It was recommended to me by a fellow editor who also works at a bookstore. Back when I first went back to work and was too exhausted to shop (and did not want to buy all my books on Amazon), I gave her $30 and asked her to buy me some good board books with simple rhyming text and bright colors. This is one of the books she got me. Good pick!

It's colorful, and the text is short and simple to read... just two or three words per page. It's all about animal sounds, like so:

There is rhyme every other line....

Monkeys chatter
Cows moo
Ducks quack
Doves coo
Pigs squeal
Horses neigh
Chickens cluck
[turn page to find three kids, one of whom says...]
But I say!

I don't actually do the animal sounds . . . but later I can imagine Eliza wanting to do that as we read. So anyway, that's what I say about this one!